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God is your victory !

Every person in a whole world got their own problem. Theres nobody in this world that free from problem and bad situation. People often run from it instead of struggle hard to find it solution. Therefore, lot and lot of people suffered heart attack, suicide, depression and end up stress for a life time.

Why ? Because they do not have a real purpose or an exact HOPE  in their life . They cannot lend on their own because people are weak and giving up is often be a first choice.

That is why i really confident to say that we need JESUS in our life !

When we got JESUS inside us, still problem are there, depression are there, conflict are there but JESUS will make u a victory because HE is a victory HIMSELF ! He will make u be the head and not the tail .  He will make u succeed and u will proudly , YES I MADE IT BECAUSE OF JESUS!

Imagine a man that really trust on God and he facing a lot of problem in his life but he could still said that I AM REALLY GRATEFUL . why, because He know God is in control of every single thing in his life that whatever happen he still in the mighty hands of A UNSHAKABLE KING! 

So , dont stress! God got you and u will never forgotten. God already heard your tears and He know how pain it is. Run to God and keep focusing on Him. He love you that He want to fix you and He also want to be a part of your life. Let Him be. 

Dont be in fear ! God is your strength, He will fight for you !!! Give Him a chance and He will make you see. Trust in the Lord . Haleluyah !

Read the scriptures ! Start to pray and focus to God ! Even a lot of problem come to you, when Jesus is all you need whatever situation will never bring u down ! You just have to tell your problem that YOU GOT AN AMAZING GOD ! Keep moving forward and keep your growth with God. Walk with Him ! You can do it, dont stress 💪  

Oftentimes God removes us from our comfort zone in order to take us to the promised land. Its never convenient but it’s always for the best. Joseph thought it was over when he was being sold into slavery. What sometimes looks like a miserable ending is actually a beautiful beginning. Some events of life are beyond our control. All we need to do is “Let Go and Let God”. -whitneyibeblog

🌻Phillipians 4:13 

Philippians 4:13 (NIV) Everything I can give to him who gives me strength.

💐Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10 Do not be afraid, for I am with you; do not worry, for I am your God. I will confirm, even to help you; I will take hold of you with my right hand who brings victory.  

Enjoy every moment !

Be grateful every each of day because you never know how much other people want to achieve what have you achieved right now.

Dont sigh a lot but be grateful a lot , Jesus give you another chance today to live so live it and bring something for Him .

Thanks Father for this another day, i couldnt stop praising You for Your everlasting grace in my everyday life. Father, i dont have anything to bring back to You, but all of my Life i offer it to you , use me today to save a soul for You. I may be fail and i may be fall but in You i know i can do anything! I love You Heavenly Father. Amen